10 Unbreakable World’s records in Football History

10 Unbreakable World’s records in Football History

There have been numerous records set in the history of football, some of which are considered unbreakable due to their incredible nature. Here are 10 notable records that are often regarded as unbreakable:

Most Career goals by a single player

The record is held by Pelé, with 1,279 official goals scored throughout his career. In his 22 year long career He played 1363 games and with a G/M ratio of 0.93 he scored 1279 goals . Most of his goals were for Santos FC. He has also scored 77 goals for Brazil national team .

Most goals scored in a calendar year

Lionel Messi holds this record, scoring 91 goals in 2012. This season is known as prime season of Lionel Messi. He just played 69 games throughout the year and with a 1.3 G/M ratio he scored 91 goals and also provides 24 assists . He scored 9 hat-tricks and 7 free kick goals .

Fastest goal in a World Cup match

Hakan Şükür of Turkey scored a goal just 11 seconds into a match against host South Korea in the 2002 FIFA World Cup hosted by Japan and South Korea. It was third place Match of the world Cup and Hakan Şükür scored within 11 seconds to give Turkey a lead due to which Turkey won that match with a score of 3-2 and gave the best performance of their national team in the world Cup.

Most goals scored by a national team player

The record was hold by Ali Daei with 109 goals for many years but on 1st September 2021 Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal broke his record by scoring 2 goals against Republic Of Ireland. Ronaldo has scored 123 goals for his national team since his debut in 2003. He also have a record of most international appearances (201) . He had also provided 41 assists for his national team.

Longest unbeaten streak by a club team

We all know about Arsenal’s 49 Matches unbeaten streak in premier league but it’s not the world record . The world record will blow your mind. The record is held by Steaua Bucharest, who went unbeaten for 104 consecutive league matches from 1986 to 1989. During this period Team won Romanian league 5 times . They won 86 matches and draws another 18 league matches.

Most goals scored by a goalkeeper

Rogério Ceni of Brazil holds this record, scoring 131 goals in his career. In a long career of 25 years Rogério Ceni played 1256 matches . His first goal was scored against Brazilian club União São João. He scored his last goal by a free kick against Brazilian league club Cruzerio on 20th August 2006 .

Fastest hat-trick in a professional match

Today’s football fans know about Sadio mané’s hat-trick which were scored within 3 minutes and it is considered as fastest hat-trick in premier league history but it’s not the fastest in football history. In 1964 Tommy Ross scored a hat-trick just in 90 seconds . But wait this is also not the fastest hat-trick. So who scored the fastest hat-trick of football history ??

The record is held by Magnus Arvidsson , who scored a hat-trick in just 89 seconds in 1995 against Vandskrona BOIS.

Most goals scored in a single season by a club player

This record is held by Lionel Messi, who scored 79 goals in the 2011-2012 laliga season. He just played 60 league matches and with a G/M ratio of 1.3 he broke all the record. He also provided 22 assists for the club .

Most international goals by a player in a calendar year

Memphis Depay scored 17 international goals in 2021 for Netherlands, setting this record. He gives an astonishing performance that year for Netherlands. In 16 matches he scored 17 goals and provided 4 assists . He has the most contribution for Netherlands in World Cup 2022 qualifier matches

Most consecutive clean sheets by a goalkeeper

The record is held by Edwin van der Sar, who went 14 games without conceding a goal for Manchester United in the 2008-2009 season. He played a total of 736 matches in his career and out of which 440 were ended with a clean sheet . He is just behind Gianluigi Buffon(501 clean sheets ) on the stats of most clean sheets .

While records are made to be broken, these records have stood the test of time and are often considered incredibly challenging to surpass

Can anybody broke these records ??

There are many good young players like Kaylin Mbappe , Earling Haaland , Rashford , Alvarez , Martinez etc. and peoples are hoping that they will break these records.

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