Meet that person who thinks he ‘messed up’ college football with a Supreme Court win

Andrew Coats, the lawyer who persuaded the High Court in 1984 to permit universities to expand football income, prompting a broad disturbance today, looks back with regret on the landmark case he effectively contended. As an extremely old college sports gathering wavers near the very edge of extinction and student-athletes prepare for thorough cross-country travel, […]

The Thrill and Tradition of College Football in the USA

In the heart of American sports culture, college football stands as an unparalleled phenomenon. Beyond competition, it unites communities, sparks rivalries, and showcases youthful athleticism. From lively marching bands to euphoric touchdowns, US college football games offer an unmatched experience. A Season of Anticipation Every year, summer’s heat yields to autumn’s cool, bringing the excitement […]

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